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Emergent gravity from discrete geometry - Koenraad M.L.L. van Spaendonck

ISBN: 9789402158601
AUTEUR: Koenraad M.L.L. van Spaendonck

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Emergent gravity from discrete geometry 1e druk is een boek van Koenraad M.L.L. van Spaendonck uitgegeven bij Brave New Books. ISBN 9789402158601 Compiling his know-how in concept formation from Integrated Product Design [IPD] into Integrated Quantum Design [IQD], product designer Koenraad Van Spaendonck [Alumnus University of Antwerp UA 1995] constructs a discrete geometry as the basis for emergent gravity : Discrete Contracting Coordinates [ DCC ].This new mathematical model resides in a Euclidean environment, from which the emergent non-Euclidean mathematical model of spacetime can be derived. A specific translation from specific polar coordinates to curved surfaces is at the basis of this interpretation. Emergent Gravity from Discrete Geometry : EG from DG.This work refers to the previous publication of the author - June 2015 '' General Quantum Gravity - Version 1.1 '' .

...(96) • Gravity/GR is a classical theory which makes sense only at the macro scale ... Sketches of emergent geometry in the gauge/gravity duality ... ... . Like phonons physics, not atoms, • Metric and connection forms are collective not "fundamental" variables. Geometry known in the classical context. (Don't know what quantum geometry means) Emergent geometry: The duality between gravity and quantum field theory - Juan Maldacena Juan Maldacena Institute for Advanced Study; Faculty, School of Natural Science February 20, 2014 For more ... arXiv:0908.2809v4 [hep-th] 5 Aug 2010 KIAS-P09039 arXiv:0908.2809 Emergent Geom ... PDF Emergent geometry from q-deformations of ... ... arXiv:0908.2809v4 [hep-th] 5 Aug 2010 KIAS-P09039 arXiv:0908.2809 Emergent Geometry from Quantized Spacetime Hyun Seok Yang a,b ∗ and M. Sivakumar c † a School of Physics, Korea Institute for ... We showed before that self-dual electromagnetism in noncommutative (NC) spacetime is equivalent to self-dual Einstein gravity. This result implies a striking... Abstract In this paper three notions of emergent geometry arising from the study of gauge/gravity duals are discussed. The unifying theme behind these notions of emergent geometry is that one can d......