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The Human-Animal Relationship - Freek de Jonge

ISBN: 9789023240822
AUTEUR: Freek de Jonge

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Since our earliest existence we have developed increasingly more powerful tools to control nonhuman animals. However, we also came to realize more and more that living on this globe with and among other animals is not morally neutral. An important feature of the human-animal interaction is the fact that animals become individuals to whom we become attached or feel attracted. This aspect brings animals within our moral domain.From this point of view the different chapters of this book may be read. From the search for understanding what animals are and how they behave to the moral conflict of using animals for satisfying our needs. This book deals with the different sides of the past, present and future challenge of living with our fellow animalsÉ for our and their benefit.This book contains five parts dealing with the human-animal relationship:- Animals and Culture: revealing past and present cultural views on animals;- The Human-animal Bond: dealing with the interaction between animals and their owners;- Public Perception: dealing with the way people perceive the use of animals for our own benefit;- Ethics and Law: dealing with moral and legal aspects of human-animal interaction;- Human-animal Relationship, Global economy, and Modern farming: dealing with future challenges of the way we produce meat, milk and eggs.

...his relationship between these two different types of beings can be seen from different perspectives both positively or negatively, though often characterized by suspicions ... Human Animal Relationships Books - Goodreads ... . This paper is an attempt to examine the theoretical arguments that informs pets and animal care in our modern societies. The Positive Benefits Of Human Animal Bond 1278 Words | 6 Pages conduct my research on the many positive benefits that a human-animal relationship has on a person's emotional, physiological and even physical wellness across the lifespan, in this paper I will discuss a review of the literature regarding my chosen topic and how this information will impact my life. The Human/Animal Relationship Essay Sample. As 'subjects of human activity as well as objects of human curiosity' (Ritvo, 1987 p. 11), animals attract all sorts of people ... Human-animal relations - WUR ... . The Human/Animal Relationship Essay Sample. As 'subjects of human activity as well as objects of human curiosity' (Ritvo, 1987 p. 11), animals attract all sorts of people; the old and young, rich and poor, man or woman. In Britain, especially, there appears to be an important socio-historic reasoning for this. States of the human-animal relationship beneficial for human relations and for the development of . 3.1.1. Contact with animals The starting point of any educator-animal relationship goes back to a previous stage in which the person develops a common history and a special sensitivity towards animals as a precedent of their educational relationship. Benefits of the Human-Animal Bond. Pet Partners was formed based on the knowledge and research that proves that the human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that positively influences the health and well-being of both. Throughout history, the Human-Animal relationship has travelled through countless eras and is most definitely not what it once was. I dare only briefly touch upon some of the changes that have occurred between humans and the animal kingdom over the past thousands of years versus the existing situation and place pets now occupy in our lives. Cattle behaviour and the human-animal relationship: Variation factors and consequences in breeding. Béatrice MOUNAIX Institut de l'Élevage, Monvoisin, 35652 LE RHEU Xavier BOIVIN URH-ACS, INRA de Theix, 63122 St GENES CHAMPANELLE Anne BRULE Institut de l'Élevage, Monvoisin, 35652 LE RHEU Tiphaine SCHMITT ISARA Lyon, 31, Place Bellecour ... The Human-Animal Relationship (eBook) Freek de Jonge is een geweldige auteur. Download en lees het boek The Human-Animal Relationship op onze website Helemaal vrij. U vindt The Human-Animal Relationship in PDF, ePUB, MOBI. Since our earliest existe...