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Routine outcome monitoring and learning organizations in substance abuse treatment - S.C.C. Oudejans

ISBN: 9789090241326
AUTEUR: S.C.C. Oudejans

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Routine outcome monitoring and learning organizations in substance abuse treatment

...lth Systems, 2404 Western Park Lane, illsborough, NC 27278, USA ... WHO | Substance abuse - World Health Organization ... . EP2 requires organizations to analyze the data generated by this activity and use the results to inform the individual's goals and objectives as needed. EP3 requires organizations to use their data to evaluate outcomes of care, treatment, or services provided to the population(s) they serve. monitoring of treatment outcome. This and a previous NDARC Technical Report reviewing the available treatment outcome measures will form the basis of the recommendations for the content of a brief outcomes module. Several large studies have established the efficacy of treatm ... Management Practices in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs ... . Several large studies have established the efficacy of treatment for substance use disorders. Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes: A Multi-Site Study of Male and Female Prison Programs Introduction Problematic drug use has been identified as one of the nation's most serious health problems because of its negative effects on public safety, families and the economy (Horgan, Skwara, & Strickler, 2001). Although monitoring of treatment response is standard practice for many medical conditions, practitio-ners in mental health treatments, and substance abuse treatment in particular, have been slow to adopt these practices. Progress monitoring (PM), consisting of measurement and feedback, has the potential to significantly improve treatment outcomes. of effectiveness and measures of long-term outcomes. Though substance use disorders are chronic illnesses, unlike the routine treatment for other chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, there is no long-term or lifelong model of addiction treatment and few replicable standard measures of long-term treatment outcomes. Macro-context. In behavioral healthcare (mental health and substance abuse treatment) routine health outcomes measurement has expanded beyond aggregating measurements for quality improvement studies and has placed equal emphasis on the therapeutic gain delivered by real-time patient-level outcome feedback. With the $200 billion behavioral health marketplace in a state of public health crisis ... Evaluation of Substance Use Treatment Programmes Evaluating the outcomes of your programme Outcome evaluations measure how clients and their circumstances change following participation in treatment and/or rehabilitation, and whether the treatment experience has been a factor in causing this change (World Health Organization, Workbook 7, 2000). DEVELOPING PERFORMANCE MEASURES: THE WASHINGTON CIRCLE EXAMPLE . In 1998, the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment convened the Washington Circle, a multidisciplinary group of providers, researchers, managed care representatives, and public policymakers, to address the need for performance measures for people with AOD disorders (McCorry et al. 2000). To develop an understanding as to why there exists a seemingly wide gap between research and practice in the field of substance abuse treatment and, more important, to understand how this gap can be closed, researchers have focused their attention on the role of organizational and management factors in the delivery of treatment services. A substance abuse assessment is the follow-up step to screenings. Therefore, it only takes place if there is a clear substance abuse likelihood identified. While screenings outline whether substance abuse was a possibility, assessments establish if it is present or not. And, if so, what can be done about it. outcomes monitoring, promote the "Triple Aim" (i.e., improved access, ... organizations continue to play a critical role in translating best practices and clinical research into ... Substance Abuse Outcomes Module Substance abuse 22 Brief Addiction Monitor (BAM) Substance abuse 17. substance abuse treatment, program development, and administration (Straussner, 2001), the need for a social work-centered outcomes mea-surement system that can be applied to small substance abuse treatment 84 ADMINISTRATION IN SOCIAL WORK European Monitoring Center on Drugs and Drug Addiction c World Health Organization, 2000 ... Substance Abuse Department, di-rected by Dr. Mary Jansen. Finan- ... outcome evaluations...