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Corporate Governance: current issues and the financial crisis - E.J.J. Schenk

ISBN: 9789013097986
AUTEUR: E.J.J. Schenk

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The financial crisis, which started in 2007 and still has large parts of the world in its stranglehold, refocused attention on corporate governance policies that were introduced in the aftermath of the financial scandals of the early years of the century.The current volume does not endeavour new explanations of the crisis, but by discussing such issues as governance indices, executive pay, shareholder activism, mergers and acquisitions regulation, and employee participation, provides additional insights into some indirect causes.It is suggested that governance codes can only take us halfway to proper managerial behaviour, that shareholder activism, while perhaps justified at first sight, may contribute to undesirable short-termism, and that new government policies meant to encourage welfare-enhancing mergers have an opposite effect.

...edibility crisis faced by Ghana's financial sector requires reforms in terms of the structure of industry players and the enabling corporate governance frameworks ... Corporate Ethics and Governance | RAND ... . Key corporate governance issues can range from highly strategic topics like corporate strategy, IT oversight and innovation, board composition and risk oversight to more real-time topics like crisis management and shareholder activism. ... publishes thought leadership on boardroom hot topics and holds forums on current governance issues. The financial crisis was ignited exactly ten years ago: on ... Corporate governance: Lessons from the financial crisis ... ... ... publishes thought leadership on boardroom hot topics and holds forums on current governance issues. The financial crisis was ignited exactly ten years ago: on September 15 ... Even though the current Administration's approach to financial regulation and enforcement ... is that the financial crisis was precipitated by risks that were hiding in plain sight and that "dramatic failures of corporate governance and risk management" were a ... Corporate Governance: Current issues and the financial crisis Edited by Wilco Oostwouder Professor of Corporate Law, Utrecht University and Hans Schenk Professor of Economics, Utrecht University Kluwer - Deventer - 2011 Trends and Issues in Corporate Governance Since The Financial Crisis Richard Leblanc. ... Corporate Governance and the Financial Crisis - Duration: 17:17. KnowledgeAtWharton 12,911 views. The fraud was the largest corporate scandal in German history and caused financial damages of about 4.9bn DM (≈€3.3bn). Equitable Life Assurance Society: 8 Dec 2000: Insurance: The insurance company's directors unlawfully used money from people holding guaranteed annuity rate policies to subsidise people with current annuity rate policies. The third view is that the financial crisis was at least in part caused by a systemic failure of corporate governance. The failure of corporate governance was not purely an implementation issue, but more a systemic failure of institutional arrangements that were underpinned by increasingly popular paradigms or paradigmatic assumptions like market fundamentalism, self-regulation, self-interest ... CURRENT ISSUES IN ECONOMICS AND FINANCE Effective risk management is based on a foundation of good corporate governance and rigorous internal controls. Taking calculated risks is part of any business enterprise. That is well understood. At the same time, each firm needs to have in place the technical systems According to him, failure in corporate governance at banks was a principal factor contributing to the financial crisis. Sanusi (2010) indicated that poor corporate governance became the norm because boards ignored these practices for reasons which included being misled by executive management, besides the boards themselves participating in obtaining unsecured loans at the expense of depositors. Corporate governance encompasses the principles of responsible management and is a company code of conduct for the management of businesses on behalf of stakeholders. Companies often struggle with accountability, transparency, stakeholder communication and conflict of interest issues. The Rise of Corporate Governance in the U.K.: When and Why Brian R. Cheffins* (April 2015 draft) Abstract While issues that prompt corporate governance responses are endemic to the corporate form, the term "corporate governance" only began to feature with any regularity in discussions of public companies in Britain as the 1990s got underway. Corporate Governance is the code of conduct for business corporations worldwide. Corporate governance Dissertation topics vary across the length and breadth of the corporate world. MBA dissertation topics in corporate governance range from financial misconducts to environmental negligence. The past two decades has seen corporate governance take an increasingly prominent role within the Australian business environment. In the wake of high profile corporate collapses and against the backdrop of the global financial crisis, Government, companies and shareholders alike have actively advocated for the adoption of new systems of governance and more robust governance practices. Corporate Governance and Banks: What Have We Learned from the Financial Crisis? Hamid Mehran, Alan Morrison, and Joel Shapiro Federal Reserve Bank of New York Staff Reports, no. 502 June 2011...